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Tips for Brokers

All of the information below is also available in our Tips for Brokers flyer.

Endorsement Requests

  • Name of the BOE or Charter School
  • Coverage needed
  • Effective date of endorsement
  • Provide Property Change Form with all property change requests
  • If added vehicle(s); provide year, make, model, VIN & cost new (if adding a bus, provide number of passengers)

Certificate Requests: Additional Insured

  • Name of the BOE or Charter School
  • Please ask if the Insured is paying for this event, trip, or service? If so, why would NJSIG extend coverage?
  • Please include the reason/details why an Additional Insured clause is needed
  • Name of Certificate Holder & address
  • Event dates (if any)

Certificate Requests: Loss Payee

  • Name of the BOE or Charter School
  • Name of Certificate Holder & address
  • Reason for Certificate Holder to be added
  • Property/Vehicle description and value
  • Amount of contract or lease and lease number
  • Does Contents or EDP limit need to be increased to reflect change?

Certificate Requests: Additional Insured Building/Leased Locations

  • An "Additional Insured Property Owner Questionnaire" must be completed and returned for building/leased locations

Certificate Requests: SDA (Construction certs to State)

  • Name of BOE or Charter School
  • Information specific to the project(s), such as location, project number, start date, and scope of work being done
  • Estimated cost of the project(s)
  • A copy of SDA contract as it pertains to the insurance requirements
  • Certificates AND Endorsements from all parties working on the project(s) naming the District and the four State Entities as additional insured with respects to the project(s)
  • Who currently provides Builder’s Risk for the project(s)