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NJSIG Celebrating 40 Years!

2023 — 2024 Applications

Launch the Portal

NJSIG's new Underwriting Application Portal

As part of our continuous effort to provide our members and brokers with the best possible service, NJSIG is pleased to announce the launch of our new online underwriting Application Portal. To enter our secure portal, click here: https://www.njsig.org/application-portal.

Please continue to submit new member submissions manually by completing the "NJSIG Preliminary New Member Submission Checklist for Brokers" and "NJSIG New Member Statement of Values" available below. Please email new member submissions to: underwriting@njsig.org.

Coming Soon: NJSIG Application Portal Development Roadmap. The roadmap will outline plans for future portal improvements derived from user feedback. NJSIG welcomes member and broker suggestions regarding the NJSIG underwriting Application Portal. Feedback can be submitted via email to: underwriting@njsig.org.

If you have any questions about the underwriting application portal or need technical assistance, please contact NJSIG Member Services Representatives Ivy Davis (idavis@njsig.org) or Joe Semptimphelter (jsemptimphelter@njsig.org).

Underwriting Forms and Resources